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How Fashion Brands Approach Social Networks

Posted by Matteo Zanuso on Friday, December 7, 2012 In : Social Media 
@fashionbi_com #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Matteo Zanuso

Despite the proliferation of new social networks, fashion brands are still struggling to adopt the power of social media in showcasing their products.

Some of the most promising social networks for the fashion market in 2012 are: Pinterest, Instagram, Lyst and Svpply.

Pinterest is the social virtual pin board, which has already captivated companies like Nordstrom, fashion experts like Nina Garcia and fashion brands like Land's End...

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Get another notch on your belt: Why CEOs and business executives shouldn’t fear social media

Posted by Sofie Sandell on Thursday, November 15, 2012 In : Social Media 
@soffi_Propp #loyaltyscheme #customerservice
 Sofie Sandell

Connect, follow, tweet. Social media is fast, and if you are using a platform such as Twitter you are getting exposed to the whole world and people can reply back to you immediately.

There are no walls protecting you. It does take up some time, and you have to learn about online networking. Who has time for that? Isn't this just another critical risk? Social media and online networking does take a bit of time every day. And of cours...

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Brand Talks via Social media

Posted by Ambika Zutshi on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 In : Branding 
@fashionbi_com #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Ambika Zutshi

Today is the era of hyper-competition. Not so long ago when the world started going web-dependent, when users longed for an identity and their own mediums of communication, social media came into being. It has since become prominent in how we see and interact with brands online.

And what exactly is Social media? According to Andreas Kaplan, the professor of Social media at ESCP Europe Business School, “Social media is a means of u...

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Politics and Social Media

Posted by Tammy A. Forchion on Monday, September 24, 2012 In : Social Media 
@4ChionMarketing #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Tammy A. Forchion

The Democratic and Republican conventions are an exciting time for America. Arenas filled with delegates, candidates, and news media pumping up the crowd for the next two months of campaigning and elections. The conventions are behind us and we have our candidates to follow and watch for the next two months. The conventions and parties are using social media to get their message and followers connected.

Tweeting, liking, donat...

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5 Ways Animated Video Improves Customer Experience

Posted by Manroop Takhar on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 In : Customer Service 
@QudosAnimations #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Manroop Takhar

Web videos are a growing trend in online marketing. More and more businesses are now realizing that a well-produced video can make an attractive, engaging addition to their website, helping it stand out from the crowd. Staggering statistics are frequently released about the hours that are now spent watching video online. With faster broadband and increase in smart phones, the popularity of web video is only likely to continue goin...

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Why is brand loyalty lower today than the past?

Posted by Claudio Pedrocchi on Friday, September 7, 2012 In : Branding 
#brandloyalty #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Claudio Pedrocchi

Reading the interesting report 2012 Comscore evolution of mobile devices, one may be notice the volatility of the actors participating in the market. Apple, which until a few years ago was a niche company, has now become mainstream. Two years were sufficient for Nokia and RIM (Blackberry) to go from leaders to companies whose futures are uncertain. It took even less time for Samsung to achieve success so important to "undermine" A...

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Fundamental Customer Loyalty

Posted by Alex Hearn on Thursday, August 30, 2012 In : Customer Loyalty 
@the_biga #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Alex Hearn

What is the point of investing in loyalty programs when you haven't achieved the most basic engagement? No amount of loyalty programs can fix an online experience that is fundamentally flawed. 

E-commerce essentials

If a business is selling through an online shop then it is essential the user gets a great shopping and brand experience. Otherwise any deals, extra products and gamification to induce loyalty may not increase brand value or bu...

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Brand Loyalty - Case Study

Posted by Gerry Crookes on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 In : Customer Loyalty 
@brandloyalty #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Gerry Crookes

"They love the brand so much they're buying the business."

This is what is actually happening at a small, traditional real-ale pub in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. The Fox and Goose Inn was facing closure, like so many businesses in the current financial climate.

But the reaction here was different. The regulars are so committed to the brand that they have set up a Fox Friends group, with more than 100 members, to buy out their "...

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Olympic Branding - Championing Customer Loyalty

Posted by Nicole Russo on Monday, August 27, 2012 In : Branding 
@nicolemilieux #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Nicole Russo

It is less about boosting sales and more about enhancing the brand image for long-term customer loyalty.

It's a well-known fact that it costs more to win new customers than it does to keep existing ones. Overall, the total cost for the London organizers is about $11 billion (higher than the initial estimate of $2.4 billion). 

A new study by brand finance says that the Olympic brand is the 2nd most valuable brand (below Apple) being ...

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Customers and First Impression

Posted by Gianfranco Cuzziol on Friday, August 24, 2012 In : Customer Loyalty 
@iamgfc #loyaltyscheme #customerservice

 Gianfranco Cuzziol
Customer loyalty is all about the depth of impression and trust customers have for a brand. This is what creates customer satisfaction. Trust is a key factor when trying to convince an audience to read your content or buy your products and services. Now it’s not often you read the words of ancient Greeks when in conversation about customer loyalty, and in particular my old friend Aristotle, but here goes:

Image by Marie-Lan Nguyen

Of ...

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